Android Dreamer is Evolving.

As of May 1st, Android Dreamer will be Hardcover Wonderland, and will be located conveniently at

Why the change? Well, we realized that this name tied us down pretty firmly to talking about science fiction and fantasy, and we have been anxious for some time to find a way to branch out of a bit more. With the new name comes a larger umbrella, as all sorts of fiction will be covered, including the kind with pictures.

Over the first few months, otherwise inactive days will be filled with re-posting some of our Android Dreamer material that we think is worth preserving. If your novel was recently reviewed here on Android Dreamer, rest assured that the review will be finding a new home on Hardcover Wonderland.

Thanks for continuing to read the site, and we hope to see your smiling avatars at on May 1st.

Happy reading!