Reasons A Reviewer Deletes Your Submission #1: Ugly Book Cover

There are a lot of people out there in the world of self-published science fiction and fantasy who submit their books to websites time and time again and end up scratching their heads as to why they are having trouble getting a single review. Obviously, different reviewers will have different reasons for skipping over the various submissions that fill their e-mail inbox on a daily basis, but one of the most blatantly obvious ones is that the book cover looks like it was made in photoshop in about five minutes. It is hard to point out exactly what I am talking about without posting ugly covers, but it would not be fair to points figures at any particular writers. Instead, here are some examples of what DOES grab a reviewer’s attention:








The simple truth is that if your novel packaging makes your book look amateurish, you will be treated like one and widely ignored. The extra money you spend on getting your hard work to look like something to be taken seriously will definitely payoff in the long run. Not to mention, it will just look a lot cooler sitting on your shelf when you point out your novel to friends and family.