Contest: Win A Copy of “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?”

As part of the excitement of restarting this blog, it seemed like it would be fun to give something away to those of you who are reading this blog again early on in its rebirth. We anticipate a dramatic increase in traffic over the next few months as we push advertising and more social network buzz, so here is the time to reward those who are reading already: we will give away a copy of “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?” by Philip K. Dick, in your chosen format (paperback or ebook) for simply commenting on this post and telling us what your favorite science fiction or fantasy novel is. Winner will be picked at random from the submissions.

As is pretty obvious from the title alone, this blog was named after the Philip K. Dick book, your dear editor’s very favorite science fiction novel. It features a man named Rick Deckard in a slightly dystopian future California who works to hunt down sophisticated androids who have escaped from colonies on the moon to return to Earth. It is a short novel, at just over two hundred pages, but is just about perfect. If you have already read it, you can give your copy away to a friend, and if you haven’t, we think you will be in for a serious treat. Just tell us your favorite science fiction or fantasy novel in the comments, and a little bit about the book and maybe what the genres mean to you in general. We’re not picky, we just want to see your smiling internet faces. Winner will be announced next week.